NOTE: Vouchers can be used partially. That means that if you have the voucher of the value of 1.000,00 RSD you can make a single payment of 1,000.00 RSD or five payments of 200.00 RSD.

What is iPay and how to use it?

iPay is electronic money (e-money) equivalent to the sum of cash and which is used for payment.

Where can I buy the iPay voucher?

Find the nearest LOCATION to buy an iPay voucher in the Republic of Serbia.

How to make a payment using an iPay voucher:

  • Log in into your ACCOUNT.
  • Choose the section payment/pay with iPay electronic money.
  • Fill in the form that appears for you to make the payment (Picture 1).
  • Insert E-MONEY PIN from the voucher (Picture 2).
  • Insert last three digits to confirm (Picture 2).
  • Insert the amount you wish to pay into your Mozzart Bet account. The minimum payment is 200.00 RSD.
  • You will receive notification about the successful payment.
  • If you do not have enough means, the proper notification shall appear.
  • Click on the LINK to check how much money is left on the voucher.
  • If you have not typed the right PIN or the last three digits to confirm the voucher, you will receive notification that the payment was not successful.



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